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Xcite for Neuromoves Penrith


Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith joined George Paneras and Alex Batho of NeuroMoves/Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA), Penrith to announce a grant of $39,358 through the NSW Government Community Building Partnership Program.


SCIA will use this funding to purchase specialised equipment (Xcite) for SCIA’s community exercise service.  Xcite is vital for the treatment of individuals with neurological conditions.


Xcite uses electrical pulses to promote muscle movement patters and helps strengthen weak muscles in people with paralysis.


SCIA’s NeuroMoves has been operating in the Penrith LGA since 2010 and currently assists 75 clients.


“Spinal cord injuries change life instantly and the social, emotional and financial impact on people with this type of injury can be devastating to them and their families,” said Stuart Ayres.


“Having access to this Xcite equipment will benefit at least 30 existing clients in Penrith plus other prospective clients,” said Stuart Ayres.


In 2019, the NSW announced a $15 million boost in research support for spinal cord injury.  Spinal cord injuries impact more than 400 people in NSW each year with car accidents the leading cause followed by falls, colliding with a person or object, water related activities and other sporting injuries.




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