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World First Trial Powers Jobs and Buses IN Western Sydney

The rollout of zero emission buses across NSW is being supported by a world first, locally developed technology trial in Western Sydney.

The technology, made in partnership with Transport for NSW, bus operator Busways, Australian software and advisory company Evenergi and Western Sydney energy distributor Endeavour Energy, is designed to optimise the charging of electric buses and reduce strain on the power grid.

Minister for Transport and Veterans David Elliott said the transition to electric buses is powering jobs in industries across NSW.

“These modern electric buses require innovative solutions for managing charging and that is being developed right here in NSW,” Mr Elliott said.

“This smart charging technology will improve the management of our zero emission buses, reduce pressure on the power grid and is a tech solution that could shape up to be an exciting export from NSW to the world.

“The NSW Government’s commitment to transition our fleet of over 8,000 buses to zero emission technology is supporting local jobs in tech, manufacturing and construction, as well as delivering buses that are better for the environment, offer a smoother ride and are quieter on our roads.”

The system will future proof the Penrith bus depot to be capable of powering an entirely electric fleet and uses sophisticated software tools and real-time energy monitoring to connect the depot to the wider distribution network, communicating directly with the energy provider’s assets.

Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayres said Penrith is not only the first area to benefit from this technology but was also the first to order and receive locally made zero emission buses.

“The Penrith bus depot is operating the first six electric buses that were also made right here in Western Sydney, at the Custom Denning factory in St Marys,” Mr Ayres said.

“The bus depot is also committing to a significant upgrade to house their first set of zero emission buses, which is supporting even more jobs in Penrith.”

You can find out more about the zero emission bus strategy and roll out here:



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