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Women IN Local Government Awards

05 March - Local goverment award - Min Goward and Suzi 045 (3)

Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith, congratulates Penrith Council’s Suzanne Flynn, who was honoured at the Awards for Women in Local Government.

Ms Flynn received the award for Non-Senior Staff Member – Metropolitan Council at a ceremony in Parliament House on Wednesday.

“Suzi has shown a staunch commitment to serving the Penrith community as chief rates clerk for Penrith City Council,’’ said Stuart Ayres.

“Before her present role she was Rates Manager at the City of Sydney, where she worked for 13 years.

“Suzi strives to promote local government and revenue professionals. She is currently an executive member of the NSW Revenue Professionals Society Inc.

“She also actively promotes women’s participation in local government. She has been a mentor in the City of Sydney’s Women in Leadership program, where she inspired her mentee into a supervisory role.’’

Stuart Ayres said the awards recognise and honour the unsung heroes of local government.

“The winners are dedicated to their calling and make a difference to the local community,’’ said Stuart Ayres.

“I hope that by recognising outstanding women in local government, we will inspire other women to enter and indeed lead in this vital sector.”

Local Government Minister Don Page said: “The women recognised today have not just worked in local government in order to seek accolades.

“They have been motivated to succeed – as leaders, advocates, mentors and professionals – because of their commitment to the communities and councils that they serve. I commend them for this commitment.’’

“The Awards showcase women who excel as community leaders and professional service providers in local government.’’


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