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Will Penrith and Mulgoa Get Their Fair Share of Health Funding?

The two new Liberal candidates for Penrith and Mulgoa, are already demanding action from Labor over the new health funding arrangement.

Liberal candidate for Penrith, Stuart Ayres, said “We have seen a lot of talk from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Premier Kristina Keneally. What we haven’t seen, is any action.”

Liberal candidate for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies, said “There are severe staffing shortages at Nepean Hospital and we are demanding those places be filled as a priority.”

“There are 14 nursing positions empty in the Emergency Department and a staggering 20 midwifery vacancies in the maternity section,” said Ms Davies.

“This just shows the level of incompetence from Labor in managing health so it is highly unlikely that they will be able to do anything differently even with the reforms.”

The federal agreement has largely copied the Liberals’ policy of scrapping the over-bureaucratised Area Health Services, and replacing them with local boards.

Mr Ayres said, “I welcome Labor and Premier Kristina Keneally’s support for our policy.”

“I will now be fighting to ensure that services are delivered to our area, in particular Nepean Hospital. Unfortunately, I doubt anything will change.”

“If you look at how Labor has mismanaged the school building program, wasting millions of dollars, along with their failed and now abandoned pink batts program, then we have every right to be fearful of what Labor will now do to health,” said Mr Ayres.

“For this reason, I will be working with Tanya Davies and the community to hold Labor to account on health,” said Mr Ayres.


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