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Western Sydney Smart Future Turbocharged

Sydney’s Western Parkland City is set to become Australia’s biggest hyper-connected, future-focussed Smart City with the release of the Smart Western City Program at the NSW Smart Places Summit.


Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney Stuart Ayres said the Program will catapult Western Sydney to the 22nd Century and leverage Sydney’s new ‘hi-tech’ city of Bradfield; making sure the benefits of today’s technologies are realised and building strong foundations to support growth and innovation.


“Digital connectivity is essential infrastructure. It facilitates education, employment opportunities, entertainment and service delivery. It will enable the city of Bradfield to become an innovative ecosystem at the Aerotropolis, and it is also the powerhouse of smart and connected solutions for communities; attracting investment, sparking innovation and supporting knowledge industries.


“The Smart Western City Program sets out steps we can take now to secure a digitally connected future; creating a City that is a virtual 0.03-second city as well as a 30-minute city,” said Minister Ayres.


The Smart Western City Program was co-created over 24 months with industry, local government and State Government. It delivers on one commitment as part of the 20-year Western Sydney city deal and covers eight local council areas – Blue Mountains, Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Penrith and Wollondilly.


“The Program lays out a game plan for what we need to do to address the digital divide and unleash the smart potential of the West,” said Minister Ayres.


Minister Ayres also comments that work was progressing in earnest in the Western Parkland City, with funding from the Smart Places Acceleration Program.


“We have already contributed NSW Government funds to pilots exploring the potential of smart solutions.


“This includes a trial to pilot innovative technologies and digital systems to collect and collate data on kerb space allocation and use in Liverpool. This data will help us better manage kerbsides, providing opportunities for better active and public transport options and better safety outcomes for pedestrians and cyclists.”


“This is just one way smart solutions will deliver for the Western City. We envisage a future where smart technologies support sustainability and efficient resource use, grow communities and allow the City and its people to set the pace for innovation internationally,” said Minister Ayres.


The NSW Smart Places Summit will be hosted virtually on 6 August and will provide an opportunity for Government and industry to collaborate on best practice ways to deliver outcomes for people using smart solutions.


To view the agenda for the Smart Places Summit and to register your attendance visit:


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