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We Don’t Want Darling Harbour In Penrith

Liberal candidate for Penrith, Stuart Ayres, says Labor remains out of touch with the community, by suggesting the banks of the Nepean River could be turned into a “mini-Darling Harbour”.

“I was staggered when I heard that Labor candidate John Thain likened the Great River Walk to having the ‘potential to be a mini-Darling Harbour’.”

“It’s completely absurd. People enjoy the Walk for the scenery and open spaces.”

“It’s that open space that we need to protect but unfortunately, Mr Thain’s comments reflect the development approach we have seen from the Labor Government.”

“Labor under Premier Keneally as Planning Minister and now Premier has been overriding local communities and imposing inappropriate development which is completely out of step with the local environment.”

“That’s why the Liberal Party has committed to giving planning back to local communities, so they can make decisions about what’s best for their area.”

“It is time to start the change in Penrith, with a local member who listens and responds to the views of the community.”

“That’s my commitment to the people of Penrith and the lower mountains,” said Mr Ayres.


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Stuart Ayres - Member for Penrith

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