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Vital Flood Prevention Weir on Track for Next Year


Minister for Planning Pru Goward was today joined by Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres to inspect work on the new 420 metre flood prevention weir at Penrith Lakes.

Ms Goward said that construction work on the weir was progressing and remained on track for completion next year.

“The weir will provide significant flood protection benefits to the Penrith Lakes site, the nearby Regatta Centre and many nearby homes in Cranebrook village,” Ms Goward said.

“Penrith Lakes Development Corporation (PLDC) began building this year. With a capital investment value of $11 million, this structure is a significant element of the original Penrith Lakes Scheme agreement.

“The threat of flooding is ever-present and that’s why projects like this are vital to protecting communities and property from flood damage.

“This weir has been designed specifically to help make sure nearby communities are protected from flooding and to minimise any floods impact on the local environment, especially around the much-loved riverbank.

“It’s a crucial part of the Penrith Lakes Scheme development and provides necessary flood infrastructure for the future and it’s great to see work underway on this incredibly important piece of infrastructure.”

Mr Ayres said the construction of the weir was another important step in the transformation of Penrith Lakes.

“As Minister for Emergency Services, I understand that disasters of all kinds can strike without warning and that sound infrastructure planning is integral to preventing major damage and loss of life,” Mr Ayres said.

“The weir will manage the entry of flood water into the lakes from the Nepean River during large floods. It is a vital piece of infrastructure for our community and it’s terrific that it is being delivered.”

The Penrith Lakes Scheme launched in 1987 involved the extraction of sand and gravel from the Nepean flood plain for use in the local construction industry, managed by PLDC.

The NSW Government and PLDC agreed the area would be transformed into public parkland space at the scheme’s completion.

Quarrying at Penrith Lakes is expected to be completed during 2015.



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