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Uniting Edinglassie Lodge Penrith Housewarming


Stuart Ayres MP joined Uniting Ageing Director Steve Teulan, staff, residents and family for the official ‘housewarming’ at Uniting Edinglassie Lodge Penrith following its recent redevelopment.
A $3.3 million redevelopment project that has transformed Uniting Edinglassie Lodge Penrith and created a more home-like environment for residents.
The refurbishment works commenced in Nov 2014, and have improved the look, usability, accessibility of the building – making it feel more like a home for residents living with dementia. (Uniting Edinglassie Lodge provides specialist care services for residents living with dementia.)
Importantly, the upgrade has also allowed Uniting to transition operations at the lodge to be more like a ‘household’. The household model of care allows residents to live in smaller groups or households, which offer the privacy of spacious bedrooms and the community of more intimate shared living spaces for activities, meals and spending time together.
Uniting Ageing Director Steve Teulan said he was delighted to celebrate the completion of the project, and to see residents enjoying their home together.
“We are excited to be celebrating the completion of this redevelopment. The reconfigured layout of rooms and the implementation of the household model will be of great benefit to our residents. There is nothing better than spending time in your home, Uniting Edinglassie Lodge Penrith is now exactly that, a special place for everyone who lives here,” Mr Teulan said.


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