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Unauthorised entry at Samuel Terry Public school highlights need for security fence

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres and Liberal Candidate for Londonderry Bart Bassett have today joined with the school community calling for the Keneally Labor Government to respond to security breaches at Samuel Terry Public School in Cranebrook by constructing a security fence.

“Cranebrook High and Braddock Public Schools both have security fences, the Parents and Citizens Association at Samuel Terry have called for a security fence. It is time for the Keneally Labor Government to stop taking our votes for granted and deliver a security fence for Samuel Terry Public School.” Mr Ayres said today.

“We have reportedly had an unauthorized person come into the school grounds and approach a child in the playground, and all that the incompetent Keneally Labor Government can offer is a promise to assess the need for a fence as part of so-called ‘future works’.

“This outcome is unacceptable. The NSW Liberals & Nationals have asked the government for timelines to deliver security fencing on two separate occasions, and their failure to deliver one now is only a testament to their incompetence [1].

“This is the only school in Cranebrook and one of ten schools in the Penrith electorate without a security fence. The Keneally Labor Government needs to get its act together before more children are left at-risk.”

Mr Bassett said the failure to deliver security fencing was symptomatic of the Keneally Labor Government’s approach to western Sydney.

“Labor have taken our votes for granted in western Sydney, thanks to their incompetence and neglect we’re getting a raw deal on basic infrastructure needs, and in this case our children are paying for it.

“And with the bungled announcement from the Education Minister to replace unflued school gas heaters, the fight for basic funding will become all the more difficult.

\”Labor is too busy running from scandal to scandal to look after the running of government services. The only way to make smart investments in our schools is to change the government.

\”Under this government our needs are being ignored. The only way to get a better deal for western Sydney is by electing a NSW Liberals & Nationals Government in March 2011.\” Mr Bassett said.


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