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Training Future Hospitality Workers: Funding Allocated Toward Training Centre At Kingswood High School

Hospitality students are set to benefit from an improved learning environment following the allocation of $71,000 toward theconstruction of a cafe training centre, Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres announced today.

\”With the continuing promotion of Penrith as a destination for visitors, I amimpressed to see the school community at Kingswood High is one with enough vision for the future to see the benefit of providing hands-on learning environments to introduce students from this region to the hospitality industry.\” Mr Ayres said.

\”In putting this application forward Kingswood High have demonstrated that they are a school with an interest in engaging all students in the learning areas of their choice,in striking the right balance between in academic or more practical learning areas.\”

The cafe training centre will receive $71,000 from the NSW Community Building Partnerships Program, where Members of Parliament work with organisations in their electorates on projects which meet community expectations.

\”The cafe training centre involves construction of an outdoor seating area, landscaping works and the installation of a cafe kitchen. It will provide students with a simulated cafe environment where they can acquire an insight into the operational management of local cafes, restaurants and the discipline required to succeed in the hospitality industry,\” Mr Ayres said.

\”These practical skills will help the students of Kingswood High get that extra-edge as they seek roles in the industry.

\”The great lesson from the Community Building Partnerships is that government investments are at their most productive when the people they affect have been directly consulted, and given enough autonomy to spend the resources as efficiently as possible.\”


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