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Terrace Accommodation Brings New Houisng Choice to Penrith

Penrith homebuyers are flocking to the new housing options created at Stockland’s Waterside precinct, Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres said today.

\”The success of Waterside has identified a new purchasing trend among Penrith homebuyers – they’re looking for modern living in accommodation with low maintenance requirements, energy efficient design and a close proximity to recreational activity.\” Mr Ayres said today.

\”These people are seeking to purchase a lifestyle to match their busy schedule. They may not have a lot of time to spend working on their home, but when they do have time they want to be able to use a nearby gym, pool, tennis courtor recreational space.

\”With more than 10 hectares of lakes and waterways that are traversed by more than six kilometres of paths and boardwalks, Stockland have sought to create attractive surrounds to add further value to the community they’re seeking to build.

\”It also means thatthe terrace could be making a comeback in Western Sydney. Stockland advise that of the 85 terrace homes on offer, 76 have already been purchased with construction work yet to be finalised.

\”The quality development at Waterside could be a sign of things to come as residential estates at the North Penrith Army Lands site and other locations throughout Western Sydney come online.\”

Matthew Mears, Stockland’s General Manager of Residential Development in NSW shared Mr Ayres’ enthusiasm for the project.

“Waterside has developed into a really vibrant new community. It’s one of the few waterfront villages in the Penrith area, and this clearly holds strong appeal given the popularity of the community to date. Local buyers have liked the diversity of housing types here. There’s a lot of choice – from house and land, set price packages and now the terraces, which are a really fresh design approach for the area.\”


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