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Students Present Report of Political Summit to Local MP

Students at Penrith High School are having their say on a wide range of policy matters as the result of the Political Summit held earlier this year, Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres said today.

Mr Ayres met with the students and was presented a copy of the Summit’s report on issues covering transport, health and foreign affairs.

\”It is good to see school’s developing programs that encourage students to take an active interest in leadership and public affairs.\” Mr Ayres said.

\”While I may not agree with every point raised in the report, it is always a positive experience to see the next generation of leaders engaging on issues affecting our future.\”

A number of students involved in the summit supported action in a number of key areas, including:

  • Expansion of rail infrastructure, with specific reference to fast rail and completion of the North West and South West Rail Links
  • Realisation of development opportunities at Barangaroo
  • Control of introduced species of flora and fauna

\”In the lead up to Education Week the production of this report is a timely reminder of the role a quality education can play in the development of tomorrow’s leaders.\” Mr Ayres said.

\”I will read through this report and in addition to raising it within the Parliament I will be taking on board the feedback provided by the students of Penrith High in my ongoing role as the Member for Penrith.\”


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