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Stuart Ayres welcomes the ”NSW Deserves Better Bus” to Penrith

Yesterday the ”NSW Deserves Better Bus” came to Penrith, and I’m pleased that I could be part of the welcome. The Bus is an initiative of the NSW Business Chamber. It’s planned to visit 35 different metropolitan and regional areas during February, carrying the message throughout the State that NSW needs more and smarter investment. The Chamber has published its ”10 Big Ideas for NSW”, and a specific set of ”10 Big Ideas” for Penrith.

I’m all in favour of better investment – and let’s face it, NSW does deserve better than 16 years of NSW Labor’s broken promises, Penrith does deserve better than NSW Labor’s 16 years of neglect and incompetence.

The Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce should also be congratulated for their close work with the NSW Business Chamber in developing the ”10 Big Ideas for Penrith”. It’s a blueprint for future work between the State Government and local business, and well worth a read.

I welcome the ”NSW Deserves Better Bus” to Penrith, and encourage you to jump on to the policies section of my website to see the NSW Liberals and Nationals plan to make NSW one again.


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