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Stuart Ayres Mp Welcomes Extra Funding for Penrith Schools


Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith has welcomed the announcement that over $6 million, an increase of $750,000 in needs-based funding has been allocated to Penrith government schools in 2015.

“This additional support is a result of the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government being the first to sign up to the Gonski agreement, which will deliver $5 billion in additional funding to NSW students over six years,” said Stuart Ayres.

“It’s what NSW public schools have wanted – a significant increase in funding guaranteed into the future, with the greatest benefits flowing to schools and students with the greatest need.

“Schools in Penrith began benefitting from additional resources distributed under the new Resource Allocation Model (RAM) last year.

“Today’s announcement builds on those increases, and I am confident school communities and principals will be delighted at the prospect of planning their use of the additional funds.

“The core of the Government’s Local Schools, Local Decisions reforms is to put decision-making about students and school communities with the people who know them best – the principals, school staff and parents.

“The distribution of funds on a needs basis under the RAM gives them exactly that opportunity.

“Many schools in the Penrith electorate will see additional benefits in areas such as literacy and numeracy support, teachers’ professional development and community engagement.”

Katrina Berwick, Reliving Principal of Kingswood Park Public School said the Kingswood Park Public School community  is delighted with the additional funding it has received through the Resource Allocation component of school funding, which recognises the diverse nature of our school community.

“The school will work in partnership with the community to determine the best ways to use these additional resources to improve student learning opportunities and outcomes for all our students.”

At Kingswood Park Public School we are committed to every child having access to the best possible education that is personalised and customised to support their educational journey.”

In 2015, the RAM features more than $664 million in needs based funding delivered through five loadings to improve education outcomes:

·         $253 million for students from low socio-economic backgrounds;

·         $240 million for students with low-level disability;

·         $104 million for students still developing English language proficiency;

·         $50 million to support students from Aboriginal backgrounds; and

·         $17 million for remote and isolated school communities.

Examples of schools in the Penrith receiving increases in funding include:

·         Kingwood High School –$150,353 increase to a total of $955,130

·         Kingwood Park Public School –$116,549 increase to a total of $350,368

·         Braddock Public School – $87,919 increase to a total of $572,833

·         Cranebrook High School – $66,156 increase to a total of $1,168,938

“Labor neglected Penrith for years and in less than one term, the Baird Government has turned education funding around.   This massive commitment to education in Penrith is great news for our schools and students.” added Stuart Ayres.


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