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Stuart Ayres joins Panthers and PWHC to tackle domestic violence

Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres today joined with Penrith Panthers NRL players and representatives of the Penrith Women’s Health Centre to encourage sporting teams to promote the new DVD Change Your Ways.

The DVD was launched on a statewide level by NSW Sport and Recreation Minister Graham Annesley last week in conjunction with the NRL and uses male sporting icons to discuss the impact of domestic violence on families and the community.

\”Using sport as a vehicle to reach out to young males will educate players and students about the choices they canmake in their day to day lives to reject violent behaviour.\” Mr Ayres said.

“The Change Your Ways DVD features high profile sporting ambassadors who take a strong stand on the issue of domestic violence against women.

\”Our community simply cannot have enough positive male role models doing their part to promote healthy relationships. It is vital that these issues of health and wellbeing are brought to the forefront of public discussion so that problems are addressed before they spiral out of control.

“This resource builds on the success of the NSW Government’s Tackling Violence program, which utilises regional rugby league clubs to provide domestic violence education and training to club players.

\”I strongly encourage local sporting groups to join with Panthers, the PWHC and the NRL in spreading the DVD to help shape community attitudes toward domestic violence within our region.\”

Footage of Change Your Ways can be found at


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