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Stuart Ayres celebrates local business

In Parliament today Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres congratulated the businesses of Penrith and the Lower Mountains for their commitment to the local community, which was recognised at the recent Suncorp Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence.

”I was proud to be at the Awards when a Penrith business, O-I Glass, took away two awards, for excellence in contributing to the environment and in developing an export market,” Mr Ayres said.

”Producing approximately 340,000 tonnes annually or 1.4 billion containers, running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year, the Penrith facility of O-I Glass has also achieved a water reduction of 240k/L a day. The facility is also cutting its carbon output, and O-I has 10-yr goals to cut 50% of energy consumption and 65% of CO2 emissions.”

O-I Glass’s awards this year include:

  • Suncorp western Sydney award for business excellence in contributing to the environment;
  • Suncorp western Sydney award for business excellence in developing an export market;
  • 5-star rating from NSW Water, the first industrial site to achieve this;
  • NSW Training Award for Employee of the year; and
  • ISO14001 certification (an international environmental certification).

”In O-I Glass Penrith and the Lower Mountains are showing NSW how businesses, through increasing efficiency, can grow jobs in the region and at the same time have a significant positive impact on the environment. There are green benefits to business efficiency,” Mr Ayres said.

Mr Ayres also paid tribute to the Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce, which he said provided a fantastic environment for businesses to grow, and the Penrith Valley Business Enterprise Centre, giving new businesses the support they need to get off the ground and create new jobs for Penrith and the Lower Mountains.

”Penrith and the Lower Mountains are an example for the whole State. Our businesses are competitive and efficient, investing in the community and looking after the environment. Penrith is a great place to do business.”


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