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Statement on the McClintock Report

I welcome the public release of the report by Mr Bruce McClintock SC into my conduct as a Minister. 

The report is unequivocally clear that I acted in accordance with the Ministerial Code of Conduct. 

It makes clear that I acted lawfully, honestly and had no conflict of interest. 

As the Premier described it to me after I was presented with a copy of the report “it is an emphatic exoneration”.

I have said consistently that I acted in accordance with the Ministerial Code of Conduct and that the recruitment decision was made by the public service in accordance with the law. That position has been clearly supported by both reviews conducted by Mr Head and Mr McClintock. 

Mr McClintock also makes clear in paragraphs 15-17 that the public service was independent of me and under no special duty or obligation to appoint Mr Barilaro. He goes on to say:

“There is nothing in Mr Head’s report, nor in the documents produced by Investment New South Wales or Department of Enterprise, Investment and Trade which I have inspected that suggests that the decision to appoint Mr Barilaro was not genuinely a decision made by Ms Brown…”

I have always acted honestly and with integrity in my service to the public of NSW. 

I would like to thank the many people of Penrith who have stood by me during this difficult period. Your unwavering support is truly appreciated and will never be forgotten.


McClintock Report Link: A5518535-Enclosure-McClintock-Report.pdf (         


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