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Stamp Duty Relief for First Home Buyers IN Penrith

Stuart Ayres 417r

Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith has urged first home buyers in Penrith to take advantage of stamp duty relief measures from the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government.

New figures show 10,496 people have used the exemptions and reductions to buy their first home, in the first quarter since the reforms came into effect.

The housing affordability package announced as part of the June Budget removes stamp duty for first home buyers for both new and existing homes for properties up to $650,000 and reduces duty for first homes between $650,000 and $800,000.

Stuart Ayres has encouraged people in Penrith who thought a home was still out of reach to take a look at the relief measures available.

“We know this relief package has already opened the door for thousands of home owners across NSW and there’s more to come,” Stuart Ayres said.

“I urge people who aren’t aware of these reforms and think home ownership is out of reach to take a look at our relief package and get back in the game.

“It’s meant the end of renting or living with extended family for thousands of people and families since July and we look forward to watching those numbers grow in the months ahead.

“Our government is focused on cutting the costs of living, whether that’s the price of your child’s weekend sport through the active kids rebate, the energy rebate to help put downward pressure on energy bills or green slip relief.

“Effective housing policy is a key priority of the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government after the last government under Labor allowed the situation to stagnate,” Stuart Ayres said.



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