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Smoother trip for Western Sydney motorists: M4 realignment at toll plaza

NSW Premier and Minister for Western Sydney Barry O’Farrell and Minister for Roads Duncan Gay today announced the realignment of the M4 Motorway to provide a smoother and safer journey for Western Sydney motorists.\\

“The realignment of the road at the old toll plaza at Silverwater will allow for a 90km/h speed limit for that entire section of the M4, which is good news for motorists who use the busy corridor linking Western Sydney with Parramatta Road,” Mr O’Farrell said.

The toll booths were removed in February last year, but the former Labor Government failed to realign the road. The detailed design work is now underway for the realignment of the motorway, which has a reduced speed at that section of 70 km/h.

“My Government’s actions will mean a constant 90km/h speed limit for the three lanes eastbound and four lanes westbound at this location,” he said.

“This simple change will improve the safety on the M4 and reduce frustration for the 137,000 motorists who use it each day.

“People regularly raise this issue with me. We’ve listened to the people of Western Sydney and today we’ve acting to address their concerns.

“The former Labor Government had the opportunity to do this but like most other projects, they failed,” Mr O’Farrell said.

Mr Gay said a change in the concept design means the tunnels underneath the road, which were used to allow toll cashiers to safely move from the administration building to the toll booths when the toll was in place, won’t be affected by the realignment of the motorway.

“Work is now proceeding on a detailed design and environmental assessment, which will include consultation with stakeholders such as local councils,” Mr Gay said.

Once the project is approved, it is expected work could start in time to ensure it is delivered early in 2012. The work is expected to take around four months, weather permitting.

The 40 kilometre M4 runs from the foot of the Blue Mountains to Parramatta Road, Concord. The motorway has been toll-free since February 2010, when the M4 was returned to public ownership.


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