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Skinner Raises Nepean Hospital As Matter Of Public Importance In Parliament

NSW Liberal Shadow Minister for Health Jillian Skinner has raised the vitally important Nepean Hospital as a matter of public importance in State Parliament.

“After 15 years of neglect, it’s time the Keneally Labor Government started taking the concerns of local healthcare workers seriously,” Mrs Skinner said.

“The condition of Nepean Hospital and the morale of the hardworking staff are important, but the Keneally Labor Government seems to carry on as if everything is perfect when staff are telling them they have serious concerns,” she said.

“The 2008 Mini-Budget handed down by the State Labor Government slashed experienced nurses from our health care system, and triggered a wave of redundancy offers to our most experienced nurses.

“Labor’s aim was to reduce the cost of care buy forcing out experienced nurses and replacing them with less experienced cheaper ones.

“But the result has been a disaster.

“The bread and butter of our health system, experienced nurses who have cared for patients for decades have left because of the way the Keneally Labor Government has treated them.

“Under the Keneally Labor Government experienced nurses have been made to feel as if they are not valued, and they are simply a cost.

“Patient care has clearly been compromised by Labor’s short-term and narrow-minded health policies, and the Penrith community has suffered as a result.

“In September 2009 senior nurse Dee Wickham, who had spent 45 years in the nursing profession – 30 of which were at Nepean Hospital – accepted a redundancy because she could not face another year battling bureaucrats for more staff.

“Labor’s incompetence has resulted in the failure of their health policies.

“Only a NSW Liberals & Nationals Government, with Stuart Ayres as the Liberal Member for Penrith, will return NSW to number one again,” Mrs Skinner said.


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