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Schools to have more autonomy under O’Farrell Government

Local schools, teachers and parent groups will be consulted on policy reforms to empower local schools as the NSW Government begins to deliver on the \”Local Schools, Local Decisions\” commitments made at the state election, Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres said today.
\”The NSW Government is committed to empowering local schools to make local decisions because they are the ones best placed to improve student outcomes.\” Mr Ayres said.
\”School principals are often challenged by the excessive centralisation, bureaucracy and red tape of the Department and have expressed an interest in increasing the number of decisions that can be made locally, rather than at the head office.
\”Over the coming weeks, the Department will be working with key interest groups to develop a formal consultation process which is scheduled to begin in September, I’ll be writing to local principals and parent groups so they’ll have sufficient notice to make a meaningful contribution.
\”These are good reforms, removing the compliance burden placed on our schools will enable them to place a greater focus on the education of our children.\”


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