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RTA to proceed with safety measures at Ross Street intersection

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres has today confirmed the Roads and Traffic Authority will proceed with a \”no right-turn\” intersection treatment from Ross Street onto the Great Western Highway as an interim road safety measure as proper investigations are made into the installation of traffic lights and the upgrade of the Hare/Mann/Wascoe Street intersections.
The treatments are due for completion within the next twelve weeks and provide the state government with the opportunityto properly research and investigate alternative optionspromoted by Stuart Ayres and the local community.
\”Whileit’s disappointing to know we just can’tgo straight ahead with traffic lights at this intersection, the RTA’s interim treatments provide an important safety measure which will allow the government to properly investigate solutions put forward by the local community.\” Mr Ayres said.
\”It is my firm view that nobody understands local issues better than the people who live here. I will continue to fight for the residents and businesses of Glenbrook on this issue.
\”When I hear the RTA tell me this is an interim measure I’ll be holding them toit.Glenbrook and the lower mountains communitydeserve a better long-term solution to this issues presented at this intersection.\”


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