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Roads Minister ignores impact of Ross St proposal on Glenbrook Community

\”QUESTION: Was there any study undertaken into the impacts of this action on traffic flows on other intersections, eg the Mount Street intersection?

ANSWER: There is no Mount Street at this location. \”

Question on Notice to Minister for Roads[1]

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres is calling on Roads Minister David Borger to meet with the Glenbrook community after the Minister denied Mount Street exists in an embarrassing response to a question lodged by Mr Ayres in the NSW Parliament.

\”Mount Street is one of the roads which will wind up with more traffic and congestion as a result of the Minister’s proposal to limit right-turn options in Ross Street.\” Mr Ayres said today.

\”If the Minister is willing to come this far west I’ll be more than happy to show him where Mount Street is and introduce him to the local shopkeepers and resident’s who’ll lose out under his proposal.

The Minister defended the RTA proposal as the most ‘cost-effective option’ and buck-passed questioning over negative impacts on the Hare/Mann Street intersection to the Blue Mountains City Council.

\”It seems as if the Roads Minister is more than happy to severely alter the way traffic flows in the this community and then make all the negative impacts on traffic flows someone else’s problem.\” Mr Ayres said.

\”The local residents who responded to my survey overwhelmingly say that the RTA proposal will force cars to bank up at local roads which were not designed to handle that level of traffic.

\”Pushing traffic onto Wascoe Street, Mann Street and Mount Street certainly isn’t a cost-effective solution for local residents or shopkeepers on Ross Street who’ll lose their customers.

\”The community have overwhelmingly told me they want traffic lights installed the Ross Street and appropriate synchronisation with Hare/Mann Street.

\”This may be a cost issue to the Minister, but local residents know how this issue seriously affects the village atmosphere that local families and tourists enjoy when they are in Glenbrook.

\”Clearly the Minister is placing too much weight on the views of the bureaucrats and spin-doctors that make up the Keneally Labor Government.

\”We only have one chance I urge the Minister to meet with me in Glenbrook and see things for himself.\”


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