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Record Support for Dv Services


The 2016-17 NSW Budget includes $53 million over four years for the state-wide roll-out of Safer Pathway, which aims to ensure every domestic violence victim receives a consistent and effective response regardless of where they live. Safer Pathway will extend to 21 new locations across the state in 2016-17, including new sites in Western Sydney.
The NSW Government recognises the important work our government-funded women’s health services provide for women and children in need of support, especially those affected by domestic and family violence, through case management and coordination services.
“Today, in recognition I am pleased to announce $100 000 for the Penrith’s Women’s Health Centre (PWHC) to deliver domestic violence services which align with the Government’s Safer Pathway initiative,” said Stuart Ayres
“This support for PWHC will see their workforce, which is now approaching 30, continue to assist women in our local community who are victims of domestic violence and provide them with the necessary skills and strategies to enhance their lives,” said Stuart Ayres
“The NSW Government has a long-term track record with PWHC and we will continue to support victims of domestic violence and to target perpetrators of this appalling crime,” said Stuart Ayres.
Additional initiatives to combat domestic violence include:
• $34 million over four years for the Women’s Domestic Violence and Court Advocacy Program, and an additional $6.3 million over four years to meet unmet demand to respond to police referrals
• $100 million over four years for housing supports through Start Safely providing short to medium-term financial help for people escaping domestic and family violence who are at risk of homelessness
• $25 million over four years for Staying Home Leaving Violence which operates in 27 locations across NSW including Penrith.
The NSW Government leads the nation in tackling domestic and family violence with the 2016-2017 Budget doubling the investment in specialist domestic violence initiatives to over $300 million over the next four years. This record investment is in addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars the Government spends each year to combat domestic violence through mainstream services including justice, police, health, child protection, social housing and homelessness services.


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