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Record $1.18 Billion for Nsw Public Schools Creates Equal Start for Students


The NSW Government today announced its school budget allocations for 2019, with a record $1.18 billion being distributed to more than 2,200 public schools across NSW.

Speaking at Kingswood High School, Education Minister Rob Stokes and Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayres said NSW schools would collectively receive more than $100 million on top of last year’s record amount.

The additional funding will be provided through an increase to every school’s perstudent allocation, increased funding to students from low socio-economic backgrounds, and additional support for small schools with teaching principals.

Mr Stokes said the funding, known as Resource Allocation Model (RAM) funding, gives school principals freedom to spend their allocated funds to deliver the best outcomes for their students.

“I am incredibly proud of the outstanding educational leaders in our public schools and their ability to engage students. RAM funding provides greater resources to enable them to direct funding to cater to the needs of their particular student body,” he said.

“Schools can use the money to hire more teachers or administrative staff, for example, or to buy new iPads, instruments or sports equipment – whatever the school community decides will best meet their unique learning and teaching needs.” 

The RAM payments were introduced in 2014 as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to needs-based funding and ensures that every school receives a fair and transparent allocation of the State’s public education budget. 

Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayres said that almost $429 million of this year’s $1.18 billion RAM funding would flow into Western Sydney schools.

“Where Labor closed schools, we provide record funding. Today’s announcement demonstrates again that only the NSW Liberals & Nationals can deliver real results for the people of Western Sydney,” Mr Ayres said.

Kingswood High School 2019 RAM funding Allocation – $1,538,020

  •          With their 2018 RAM funding, Kingswood High School was able to:
  •          Create a senior student study centre, staffed by a full time study coordinator tasked with mentoring HSC students.
  •          Hire four full time specialists tasked with Year 7-9 literacy and numeracy 
  •          Employ a Deputy Principal tasked with Student Engagement, who has introduced coding to Year 7 students
  •          Allowed the school to maintain and run an operational commercial kitchen and café for skills based study.

“Without the recurrent RAM funding we would not be able to offer our students the best possible learning environment to support their academic, social and emotional needs. Equity is a core value in public education and at Kingswood High School we pride ourselves on creating opportunities for all students to succeed,” 

– Adam Forbes – Principal, Kingswood High School


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