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Planning Minister Fails To Rule Out Thain’s Mini-Darling Harbour Plans For The Nepean River Foreshore

Liberal Candidate for Penrith Stuart Ayres today said he was very disappointed that the Planning Minister has failed to rule out John Thain’s plans to create a mini-Darling Harbour along the Great River Walk.

At Stuart Ayres’ request, Shadow Minister for the Environment Catherine Cusack challenged Planning Minister Tony Kelly on the issue during question time in State Parliament yesterday.

(Hansard attached)

“This was an opportunity for the Labor Planning Minister to put an end to John Thain’s dreams to create a mini-Darling Harbour on the Great River Walk, but his answer to Parliament left the door wide open,” Mr Ayres said.

“The Minister quite clearly failed to rule it out.”

“People enjoy the Walk for the scenery and open spaces. The resounding message I’ve received from locals is they don’t want mass development along the foreshore.”

“Labor has been steamrolling communities and imposing inappropriate developments for years. I’m worried if John Thain gets his way we could see high rises and a concrete jungle created – losing the Great River Walk forever.”

“The NSW Liberals & Nationals are committed to giving planning back to local communities, so they can make decisions about what’s best for their area.”

“I’ve listened to the community and with my NSW Liberals & Nationals Parliamentary colleagues, will fight to ensure the open space along the Great River Walk is protected and the health of the Nepean River is improved,” Mr Ayres said.


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