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Petition To Stop Over Development Of The Penrith Paceway

Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith has launched a petition opposing the inappropriate overdevelopment of the Penrith Paceway site.

“It’s critical that people understand that their voice needs to be heard if they want to stop thousands of inappropriate apartments from being built on the Penrith paceway site.” said Mr Ayres.

“The Paceway currently has a recreation zoning and it would be a travesty if Penrith lost this space to more high-rise apartment blocks.”

The NSW Government is currently negotiating with the Paceway management about funding a relocation of the Harness Racing track and facilities to another site in Penrith.

“There is an obvious win-win situation available here, where the Paceway is funded to build a new facility and the Paceway site is maintained for recreation as the preferred site for a new Penrith Stadium.”

Penrith Council recently passed a motion 11 votes for and 4 votes against that supported the new Stadium in Penrith, opposed the high-rise development on the Paceway site and supported the relocation of the Paceway. Alarmingly, the 4 votes against were all Labor Councillors.

“Residents should be very concerned that Labor did not oppose this completely inappropriate over development of the Paceway site. It’s pretty clear that Labor would rather see more high-rise apartments on the Paceway than a new stadium.”

Following pressure placed on the Paceway management to reveal their true plans, they have recently confirmed in public statements their true intention to relocate from the existing site and hand it over to developers.

“In the recent 7:30 report story that aired on the ABC either the Paceway management failed to inform the ABC about its development intentions or the ABC failed to include it in the story, either way the intent was to deceive the Penrith community about the desire to undertake a high-rise development. That is deceptive and Penrith deserves better.”

Mr Ayres said it was important for residents to engage on the issue regardless of the location of the stadium.

“I’ve been crystal clear about the Paceway site being the best site for the stadium but regardless of where the stadium is built I don’t want to see high rise residential on the Paceway. Clearly Labor and the Paceway management would rather see more apartments. If you don’t want to see the Paceway carpet bombed with apartments then please sign my petition.”

The e-petition can be found on the link below:

Link to my recent speech in Parliament about this issue:


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