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Penrith’s Jobless Left Stranded By Treasurer’s Inaction

Today’s rise in the NSW unemployment rate is bad news for Penrith and more evidence the Treasurer should adopt the Liberals & Nationals Jobs Action Plan, Shadow Treasurer Mike Baird said today.

“Yesterday in Parliament the Treasurer was asked to support unemployed people in Penrith by signing up to our Jobs Action Plan but he refused,” Mr Baird said.

“Eric Roozendaal’s inaction is a kick in the guts to Penrith families, whose prospects of finding work have deteriorated even further with today’s rise in the unemployment rate.

“Despite the national unemployment rate remaining steady at 5.4 percent, unemployment in NSW continued to climb.

“NSW experienced the largest increase in unemployment, with the rate now at 5.8 percent and the highest in mainland Australia.

“Today’s deterioration in job prospects will hit hard for Penrith residents who are looking for more support from the Keneally Labor Government.

“For too long NSW has dragged the chain of the national economy and today’s unemployment statistics are no exception.

“We are urging Eric Roozendaal to sign up to our Jobs Action Plan to kickstart the economy.

“Areas such as Penrith, which has high unemployment, will particularly benefit from our Jobs Action Plan.

“Under this plan we would provide a payroll tax rebate for the first 100,000 new jobs created under a NSW Liberal and Nationals Government.

“By paying the rebate in two equal parts, on the first and second anniversary of the hire of a new full-time employee, this would help establish long-term and sustainable jobs.

“Only the NSW Liberals and Nationals have the platform for change to make NSW number 1 again,” Mr Baird said.


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