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Penrith’s Future Cemented with New Planning Laws


Minister for Planning Pru Goward and Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres today announced new planning rules for Penrith creating space for parks, shops and thriving cafes and restaurants cementing the area’s reputation as a great place to live.

The Penrith Local Environmental Plan was approved by the Department of Planning and Environment on Wednesday, January 28, securing its future as Regional City Centre.

Ms Goward said Penrith was well positioned to continue to transform into a power house of economic development for Western Sydney.

“Penrith is already an enviable place to live – boasting a terrific lifestyle complimenting its prime position in the engine room of Western Sydney, the nation’s third largest economy,” Ms Goward said.

“Under A Plan for a Growing Sydney, Penrith’s status as a Regional City Centre has been confirmed to recognise its potential and grow local job centres across the City like the Penrith Education and Health Precinct.

“Today’s approval of Penrith City Council’s Local Environment Plan streamlines more than 35 older plans into one standard set of local planning laws to use for future development decisions across the Local Government Area.”

Mr Ayres said Penrith was set for great things and today’s announcement will help continue the river city’s achievements.

“It’s a little known fact that Penrith is home to a greater proportion of full-time workers than Sydney’s average, with more than 40 per cent of our residents working full time,” Mr Ayres said.

“This says to me that our community is a collection of people who want to go out there and make positive change, whether it’s setting up a small business or working for a local business to make a living.

“Together with a modern set of local planning laws, and recognition of Penrith as a Regional City Centre in A Plan for Growing Sydney we will keep building on our successful patch of Western Sydney, protecting and enhancing the lifestyle we love and together forge a bright future for Penrith.”

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