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Penrith Small Businesses Continue to Dominate on World Stage


Small business in Penrith is going from strength to strength with technological advances growing local jobs and gaining international attention.

Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres visited two standout small businesses whose operations have invited accolades and interest from global entities.

“We’ve seen massive growth in small business throughout Western Sydney in recent years, and the Penrith business landscape continues to evolve thanks to the innovation of local operators,” Mr Ayres said.

“Western Sydney manufacturer Souhel Khanania has designed a corn chip oven so technologically advanced he is cornering the world market and even selling the tech to Mexico.”

When Mr Khanania first migrated to Australia at 12 he couldn’t speak English, but now runs a rapidly growing Penrith business, Industrial Engineering Technology, thanks to his patented corn chip oven designed and made exclusively in Penrith.

IET Ultra Ovens has attracted the attention of PepsiCo subsidiary Frito Lay – makers of Doritos-  with the head of Global Operations flying to Sydney to inspect four ovens for global operations in Turkey, Indonesia and Mexico. The company was assisted by the NSW Government with support on apprenticeship services and staff training through Training Services NSW.

“Now, wherever you pick up a packet of corn chips around the globe, there is a good chance they were made from an oven built in Penrith.”

Minister Ayres also visited Penrith-based ACR Business Systems crowned the nation’s Champion Small Business of the Decade this month.

“This incredible end-to-end system software business has taken out the inaugural Champion Small Business of the Decade, an award which recognises excellence in growth, innovation, jobs creation and customer service over the past 10 years.”

“ACR Business Systems has proven success in providing businesses end-to-end system software to businesses in the wholesale, retail, manufacturing and telecommunications industries, servicing a diverse range of industry from hardware to confectionery.

With 710,000 small businesses across the state employing 1.5 million people, Penrith is leading the small business success story.

“To businesses starting up in Western Sydney, stick with sound business principals and remember: your product or service may be worthy of elevation to  the global stage.”                    



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