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Penrith Seniors Stories Tell Special Tales Of Diversity

Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith today welcomes the announcement that 5 seniors from Penrith have put pen to paper, detailing extraordinary tales of triumph and tragedy in the latest edition of Seniors’ Stories.

Seniors’ Stories, Volume 8 was recently launched and contains stories from 100 NSW seniors.

Stuart Ayres said he has been overwhelmed with the literary talent of seniors across Penrith.  Having 5 of the 100 from Penrith is a wonderful achievement.

“Our talented wordsmiths in Penrith have the most incredible stories to tell and it is wonderful to see them shared in Seniors’ Stories,” Stuart Ayres said.

Local authors and their stories include:

  • Paul    Ryan – My Back Lane
  • Susan Cootes – You’re My Sister! Aren’t You?
  • Wendy Gordon – Harmony – a blending of different notes
  • Frank O’Brien – An act of Zemblanity
  • Ilona Krueger -The Button Box.

“Copies of Seniors’ Stories will be available in our local libraries and online and I would encourage anyone with a love of words to sit down and read some of these remarkable tales.”

This year’s theme is ‘Celebrating Diversity’. For the first time, the stories have been published in a mix of English and the authors’ native languages. There are 12 stories that appear in translation spanning 11 different languages.

Mr Coure said Penrith seniors should be proud of the stories they have told through this initiative.

“By telling these brilliant stories of bravery and diversity, our seniors are helping future generations gain an understanding of the history in our state and country,” Mr Coure said.

“These authors have proven age is no barrier when it comes to good story telling, once again proving their valuable and unique contributions to society,” he said.

The NSW Government launched Seniors’ Stories in 2013 as a way of recognising and valuing the experiences of seniors.

Seniors’ Stories Volume 8 will be available at all local libraries across NSW from 14 November or a copy can be downloaded from


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