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Penrith Parents and Carers Encouraged to Book IN for Free Mental Health Workshops

Mental Health

Parents, carers and community members supporting young people experiencing mental health challenges can register to attend a free mental health workshop hosted by headspace, thanks to a $1.2 million investment by the NSW Government.


Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith said the workshops will help parents and carers better understand the unique challenges facing young people and how to access appropriate support.


“We want everyone in the community to have the opportunity to learn more about the experiences of young people so they can be supportive of the children in their lives as well as becoming strong advocates for positive mental health in the community,” said Stuart Ayres.


“This is about improving mental health literacy in the community in areas such as recognising danger signs, learning shareable coping skills and accessing local support services.


“The Penrith online session will be held on Wednesday 16 June from 12 noon – 1pm.”


Minister for Mental Health Bronnie Taylor said the sessions will benefit the whole community.


“These sessions are for any parent or carer who is worried about their child and doesn’t know how to start a conversation about what’s going on in their lives,” said Mrs Taylor.


“We’re building a safer, stronger NSW, and these workshops will address local challenges, point the way to local support services and allow the community to ask questions about what they can do to help young people who are struggling.”


headspace CEO Jason Trethowan said understanding suicide will also be a key part of the training.


“Many young people have thoughts of suicide when life seems unbearable and they can’t imagine another way out of what they are going through,” Mr Trethowan said.


“The vast majority of these young people will not act on those thoughts, but we want parents and carers to be able to talk about such thoughts in a way that doesn’t inadvertently shame the young person or encourage them to stay silent.”


To book a session, visit:




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