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Penrith locals fed up with Northern Road interchange

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres said today that the people of Penrith have been let down again by the Keneally Labor Government, and are waiting in traffic queues at the Northern Road and M4 interchange because of it.

”Glenmore Park residents were having difficulty before the installation of the new lights at the interchange, and I understand that it has helped them,” Mr Ayres said.

”Unfortunately, this has been at the expense of the people of Penrith, southbound on the Northern Road.

”The Keneally Labor Government has spent $5.5m in upgrading this interchange, and all the taxpayers of Penrith have got for their money is chaos.

”Clearly, there was not properly extensive community consultation, and there was completely inadequate modeling of the changed traffic flow under the RTA’s plan. In fact there has been failure at every step of the process.

”The Keneally Labor Government can’t even get this set of lights right – it’s no wonder they haven’t been able to fix the hospital, or Victoria Bridge.

”I’ve been down there to see the traffic in the morning, and I can only imagine the frustration what Penrith commuters are feeling in a queue which often stretches beyond Maxwell Street, with flow on effects further up the Northern Road.

”I call on the Roads Minister to explore the option of installing a ‘Left turn on red’ sign at the lights to improve the flow of southbound traffic on Northern Road attempting to access the M4.

”The people of the Penrith deserve better.”


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Stuart Ayres - Member for Penrith

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