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Penrith Families Win with Preschool Funding Boost


Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith visited Grays Lane Pre-School to welcome the announcement that local families will benefit from an additional $115 million in funding to make early childhood education more affordable. This funding will reduce preschool fees by an average of 30 per cent.

Stuart Ayres said the NSW Government is committed to providing universal access to quality early childhood education.

“This is fantastic news for local families with young children,” Stuart Ayres said.

Preschools here in Penrith include:

  • Cranebrook Community Pre-School
  • Glenbrook Pre-School
  • Grays Lane Pre-School
  • KU Penrith Pre-School
  • Lapstone Pre-School
  • Rainbow Cottage Pre-School
  • Tandara Pre-School

“This funding boost will deliver the largest single fee reduction in NSW history, making preschool more affordable so that more children will be able to participate in 600 hours – or about 15 hours per week – of early childhood education in community preschools and long day care centres in the year before they start school.

“I know the preschools here in Penrith make a big difference to the lives of our children.

“This funding boost shows the NSW Government is serious about helping more families access early childhood education, especially for children from Aboriginal or low-income backgrounds.”

Starting in 2017, community preschools across the State who enrol children for at least 600 hours in the year before school will receive increased subsidies from the NSW Government, enabling them to reduce fees for families.

“Research shows that a quality preschool education for at least 600 hours gives children a head start in their learning journey,” said Stuart Ayres.

“We want all children in NSW to enjoy the benefits of a quality early education, wherever they live and whatever their background,” added 


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