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Penrith Council Receives Funding for Pet Programs


Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith today joined Councillor Josh Hoole, to announce that Penrith City Council will receive a grant of $10,000 from the NSW Government to promote responsible pet ownership in the local community.

Stuart Ayres said the funding boost will allow the council to provide important programs such as free microchipping and community education workshops.

“Penrith City Council will team up with the Animal Welfare League and local Vet clinics to offer training on responsible pet ownership, targeted at owners who’ve been subject to a complaint or anyone who has asked for advice,” Stuart Ayres said.

“Any owner who then completes the training will then have access to free microchipping and de-sexing.”

Clr Hoole welcomed the funding boost.

“Pet dogs and cats are important family members of many households across Penrith and it is vital that we are supporting our communities in promoting responsible pet ownership,” said Clr Hoole.

The NSW Government introduced the Responsible Pet Ownership Grants scheme in 2014 to target programs that will increase microchipping, lifetime registration and de-sexing rates.

The Grants scheme is also aimed to help reduce euthanasia rates and dog attacks through funding innovative and collaborative projects that encourage responsible pet ownership.

“The Baird- Grant Government is committed to improving the positive benefits of pet ownership while strengthening safety and education in our local neighbourhoods,” added Stuart Ayres.


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