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Nsw to Turbocharge Economic Growth with New Department

The Department of Enterprise, Investment and Trade (DEIT), a new NSW Government department, is open for business from today reinforcing the state’s commitment to

economic development, job creation, innovation, new technologies, and liveability.


Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade Stuart Ayres said the new department brings together enterprise and trade, tourism and hospitality, arts and culture, sport, and Western Sydney under one cluster.


“Bringing together these agencies and groups into a new ecosystem will help drive our state’s post-COVID economic transformation and create sustainable jobs of the future right here in NSW,” Mr Ayres said.


“We are positioning NSW as the best place in the world to do business − where innovation, trade, tourism, sport and culture work together to drive the dream combination of economic strength and vibrant lifestyle.


“We want to help NSW businesses find new markets and help drive collaborative partnerships between government and non-government organisations to fuel economic growth, and make Western Sydney an economic powerhouse.


“This is also about ensuring we have the world’s best arts and cultural institutions, sporting facilities and events to create thriving communities and attract tourists alike.”


DEIT Secretary Amy Brown said the new cluster will not just focus on economic outcomes but has a mandate to ensure liveability is a key focus for prosperity.


“The quality of our neighbourhoods, workplaces and cities has a significant factor on our economic development and our ability to attract talented workers, students and innovative companies to NSW,” Ms Brown said.


“The new department will allow for more cohesive inter-agency planning and decision making, allowing us to build on our reputation as the number one place for people across the world to invest, live, visit, study, grow and play.” 


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