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Nsw Ramps Up Rna Research and Development

NSW has taken another step in the fight against pandemics, genetic diseases and cancer with the opening of a specialised RNA research and development facility at the UNSW Sydney. 


Minister for Enterprise, Investment, and Trade Stuart Ayres said the UNSW RNA Institute will strengthen NSW’s capability to research, develop and manufacture breakthrough RNA-based treatments.


“The last few years have demonstrated it’s important that NSW has the capabilities to develop and produce vital vaccines and we want to be a global player in the emerging RNA field,” Mr Ayres said.


“We have already shown our strong support for RNA development with our commitment towards a $96 million RNA pilot manufacturing facility which will commence subject to the approval of a final business case, and our unprecedented partnership across 14 universities to advance RNA research.”


The Institute is part of a collaborative agreement between NSW universities and the NSW Government and will build on the state’s critical RNA research to enhance our capabilities.


It will conduct pre-clinical trials for the treatment of COVID-19 and liver diseases using RNA-based therapeutics manufactured in NSW.


“The medical technology industry is estimated to be worth $2 billion in NSW, and we want to see that number grow to create additional sustainable, high-skilled jobs,” Mr Ayres said.


Minister for Science, Innovation and Technology Alister Henskens said the Institute will play a vital role in the commercialisation of research.


“Helping commercialise our world-class university research in this field will create a pipeline of RNA products for trial, manufacture, and distribution in NSW, Australia and internationally,” Mr Henskens said.


UNSW Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Attila Brungs said the Institute will draw together world-renowned experts to provide a vibrant base for increased collaboration and critical advances in RNA.


“We have brought together scientists, engineers, and medical researchers to work on key bottlenecks at the frontier of RNA science and medicine,” Professor Brungs said.

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