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NSW Libs and Nats launch Clubs Community and rescue package

The NSW Liberals & Nationals have announced a Clubs and Community Rescue package to secure the viability of registered clubs and the local sporting, charity and community groups they support.

Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres said the plan will also require clubs to make a substantial increase in their contributions to local sporting clubs, charities and community groups here in Penrith and the Lower Mountains.

\”Registered clubs are already putting in for our local community through programmes such as Panthers on the Prowl, reaching out to our young people in Penrith,\” Mr Ayres said.

\”But Labor’s Clubs tax has hurt our local clubs. We are determined to save them. Sports, charity and community based organisations rely on our local registered clubs for support, yet Labor’s unfair tax regime has put that support from clubs at risk.

\”The NSW Liberals & Nationals does not want to see more of the damage this unfair tax has done to the community through job losses, club closures and less support for local sporting organisations and affiliated groups.”

Under the NSW Liberals and National’s plans tax rates will be reduced by $300 million over four years, ensuring that clubs remain viable. In return for this reduction in the clubs tax, clubs will be required to do even more on top of the great work they already do for local communities.

Independent experts estimate the rescue package will create nearly 2,000 jobs per year over the next four years and would see an increase in NSW clubs social contribution of $272 million over four years.

”Clubs in Penrith and the Lower Mountains already employ 800 people in full-time, part-time, and casual positions, and give more than $12,500,000 worth of support to the local community. The NSW Liberals and National’s plan will give them a total tax break of $1.5m, and get them to put another $400,000 into the local community.”

\”Labor’s Clubs tax has devastated clubs, cost jobs and seen a reduction in support for local charities and sporting clubs,\” Mr Ayres said.

\”Our rescue package will make sure our bowling greens, cricket and footy fields, golf courses, meeting rooms, and swimming pools remain supported.”


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