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NSW Health System: Making It Work

One of the biggest issues facing NSW is the current health system. At many points in our lives we use the health system – whether it be for childbirth, a sporting accident (me a few times), or for more serious life threatening issues – we should have a health system that provides quality care when families need it.

After 14 years, Labor has broken the health system through centralised failure and incompetence. The layers of management and the wasted millions are breathtaking.

The NSW Liberal & Nationals want to improve and restore our public hospital system, putting your health in local hands.

A NSW Liberal & Nationals Government will remove Labor’s failed Area Health Services and replace them with about 20 smaller Health Districts.

Early this year Jillian Skinner, the Shadow Minister for Health, launched the NSW Liberal & Nationals health management policy \”Making it Work\”.

Setting up smaller Health Districts will create a flatter administrative structure, restore honesty to the system, give communities and medical experts a say through representation on District Boards and deliver a health system that puts patients first.

Our policy is about getting administrators and managers out of ivory towers and putting them on the frontline to support our health workforce.

The NSW Liberal & Nationals six-step plan will:

  1. Remove Labor’s huge and out-of-touch Area Health Services and create smaller, community-focussed Health Districts;
  2. Appoint Boards to the Health Districts and make them accountable to their community;
  3. Restore the decision-making power of Hospital General Managers and give authority and decision making back to expert clinicians;
  4. Further develop clinical networks to link medical experts across the State;
  5. Appoint qualified medical practitioners as Executive Clinical Directors in each Health District; and
  6. Publish information about health service management including budget allocations, spending, medical errors, infections and other patient outcomes.

You can view our health policy \”Making it Work\” in greater detail by clicking here.

I also invite you to tell me what you think of the NSW Liberal & Nationals plans by sending me a message or leave a comment on Facebook.

The community deserves change for the better and the NSW Liberal & Nationals will make real change in our health system happen.


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