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NSW Govt targets illegal dumping

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres has welcome the commencement of Operation Phoenix, a major campaign to tackle illegal dumping in the Sydney metropolitan area.

“Illegal dumping has a significant impact on our quality of life. Besides creating a general eyesore, it damages local ecosystems and imposes cleanup costs on the community in the tens of millions each year.” MsAyres said.

“The NSW Government is serious about chasing down rogue dumpers who deliberately break the law and ruin our environment.\”

NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker said the campaign was being led by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), who would be targeting known transport routes for both legal and illegal operators, and tracking loaded vehicles to disposal sites.

“If OEH officers suspect illegal activity they will request travel documents, collect information about the source of the waste and other evidence, which is used to determine the next course of action, be it prosecution, on the spot fines or clean-up orders,” Ms Parker said.

“Operation Phoenix involves tracking both legal and suspected illegal waste operations.

“The campaign will mean that OEH officers will also be tracking waste operators who may well be operating perfectly legally.

“This is an essential part of any waste crackdown and those who are operating within the law have nothing to fear,” she said.

Illegal dumpers can face fines of up to $5 million or seven years in jail, and they can also be charged for the removal and legal disposal of the waste.

Minister Parker said that reports from the community were often a great assistance in chasing down illegal dumpers.

“If people see what they suspect is illegal dumping they should report it to the OEH Environment Line on 131 555 and the more information people can give, such as vehicle registration numbers, locations and times, the easier it is for OEH to follow up the report.”


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