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NSW Govt gives support to R18+ computer games

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres has welcomed news that the NSW Government has given its formal support for the introduction of an R18+ classification for computer games.

\”This is an important step in ensuring that these computer games are accessible to the public, but restricted from the hands of minors.\” Mr Ayres said today.

NSW Attorney General GregSmith said after a meeting of Federal and State Attorneys General in Adelaide that he expected NSW would join the agreement.

“Few people would dispute the value of a classification system that helps keep adultmaterial beyond the reach of children,” Mr Smith said.

“With strong classification guidelines in place, an R18+ rating should result in violent games currently rated MA15+ in Australia being reclassified as adults-only, as they already are in many other countries. ”

Mr Smith said he would work with other Attorneys General on draft national guidelines that have been developed for a new ratings system. It would be important, he said, to ensure any proposal was in line with Federal and State Ministers’ agreement to not dilute Australia’s Refused Classification category.


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