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NSW Government takes action on electricity prices

The NSW Government is taking action to address the impact of rising electricity prices on families in New South Wales, Liberal Member for Penrith announced today.

\”Families and pensioners are feeling the squeeze when it comes to the rising cost of living, and in these winter months the cost of electricity will be front and centre in a number of kitchen-table discussions.\” Mr Ayres said.

\”Earlier this week, the Minister reported to parliament the number of steps we’re taking to contain future rises in electricity. Our three point plan includes the following steps:

1. The introduction of the new Low Income Household Rebate which will commence at $200 per year, and the development of the Family Energy Rebate which could see some families receive rebates of up to $250 per year;

2. An immediate review of the electricity network licence conditions to halt any over-spending which may be forcing up power prices; and

3. The Government has sought compensation from the Federal Government to offset the price rises caused by the Commonwealth’s Renewable Energy Target which have been identified by IPART as a major reason for the huge increase in power price.\”

\”The Government has also announced that dividends be capped at existing forecast levels, and will require Boards to sign off that dividends will not impact on electricity prices for small customers – it is an important step in ensuring that the operations of the private sector do not cause harm to families struggling to meet their household electricity bills.

Residents who are struggling to meet the cost of their electricity bills should make contact with their supplier or the NSW Energy & Water Ombudsman to discuss existing support avenues on 1800 246 545.


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