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Nsw Government More Police for Penrith


Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith has welcomed three Probationary Constables to the Penrith Police Local Area Command following their recent graduation from the Goulburn Police Academy.

“The NSW Liberal & Nationals Government has already delivered an additional 420 officers and we have 157 new recruits joining Commands across NSW,” Stuart Ayres said.

“It is great to see these 3 new police recruits are coming to Penrith.  The 157 students from Class 320 have been allocated to Local Area Commands across New South Wales where they officially began their duties on Monday.”

“We are committed to increasing the NSW Police Force by 859 police officers, taking the total Authorised Strength to 16,665 in August 2015 and this graduation class is another step towards delivering on that target,”

 “The NSW Liberal & Nationals Government continues to increase police numbers and provide police with the powers they need to keep the community safe,” Stuart Ayres said.

The Liberals & Nationals Government has:

  • recruited and trained an additional 420 Police Officers;

  • legislated to give Police the greater power to ban individuals from owning firearms and increased search powers for firearms including targeting criminal hang outs;

  • strengthened consorting offences to stop criminals associating;

  • tightened the supply of ammunition to help prevent it falling into the hands of criminals;

  • passed tough anti-outlaw motorcycle gang laws which declares them criminal organisations;

  • reformed the Crime Commission to bolster their focus on organised crime;

  • introduced a licensing scheme with stringent probity checks for owners and operators of tattoo parlours so they can no longer be fronts for criminal activity;

  • banned bikies wearing their colours in Kings Cross venues;

  • passed new laws to stop criminals from putting forward ambush defences;

  • reformed the security industry to stop organised crime involvement in the industry;

  • rolled out Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology (ANPR) to quickly identify criminals on our roads;

  • introduced mandatory life sentences for the murder of a Police Officer; and

  • rolled out 25 new Mobile Police Command Vehicles to have ‘Police Stations on wheels’ moving around the community.

“We are honoured these men and women have chosen to dedicate their working lives to the safety and protection of our community,”

“I welcome them to our community and I wish them all the best for their career,” Stuart Ayres added.


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