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NSW Government to act on Hare/Mann/Wascoe intersection following Ross Street safety treatment

Glenbrook’s awkward Hare/Mann/Wascoe Street intersection is set to change followinga review of traffic flows into the eastern side of Glenbrook after a right-turn restriction was imposed at the intersection of Ross Street and the Great Western Highway last year, Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres said today.

\”The Hare/Mann/Wascoe Street intersection is one of the most awkwardly designed traffic configurations in the Penrith electorate. As the second entry-way into the Glenbrook village we owe it to the small businesses and the people who live here to make this configuration as traffic-friendly as possible.\” Mr Ayres said.

\”With the right-turn restrictions at Ross Street currently operating as an effective safety measure it is important that we now look to improving the accessibility of the Glenbrook Village.\”

\”Roads and Maritime Services have outlined two possible treatments for the intersection which would improve traffic flow at this intersection by removing the short-stack of vehicles between Mann Street, Wascoe Streetand the Great Western Highway. They include:

  • Option 1: The removal of north-south and east-west movements through the intersection. This would be achieved by installing a physical separation linking Wascoe Street east with Mann Street north and Wascoe Street west with Mann Street south.
  • Option 2: Removing all connectivity with Mann Street by closing Mann Street at Wascoe Street and providing a cul-de-sac in Mann Street.

\”This is an important outcome for the Glenbrook village and ensures that access to the first village centre in the Blue Mountains is as easy as possible both for the local residents and the visitors who provide an important support to the lower mountains economy.\”

For more information see Roads and Maritime Services Glenbrook Page


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