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Nsw Continues to Lead the Way with the Lowest Unemployment Rate Among the States

NSW has maintained the lowest unemployment rate among the states and added just under 17,000 jobs in the past month, according to the latest ABS data.


The State’s unemployment rate has dropped to 4.3 per cent, well below the national average of 5.3 per cent.


The State added 16,717 jobs in August while the participation rate remained unchanged from last month at 65.9 per cent, just below the record high of 66.2 per cent achieved in May this year.


Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney Stuart Ayres, said it is encouraging to see strong jobs growth across the State.


“The unemployment rate in NSW has been below or equal to the national average for 54 consecutive months,” he said.


“Our commitment to creating 250,000 jobs in four years is continuing to open up opportunities for workers across a wide range of industries and it’s great to see so many people able to find their place in a growing NSW workforce.


“The fact NSW has the lowest unemployment rate amongst the states shows NSW continues to lead the way as the jobs capital of the nation.”


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