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NSW budget includes health, transport and disability services boost for Penrith

The Liberals & Nationals’ first Budget delivered today is about rebuilding New South Wales, including improved health, transport and disability services for the people of Penrith, said Member for Penrith, Stuart Ayres.

“This budget starts the process of rebuilding NSW by reinstalling fiscal discipline, improving services and building the infrastructure the people of NSW need,” Mr Ayres said.

\”NSW can no longer afford to live beyond it means.\”

“The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government understands like many Penrith households that you can’t allow your expenses to grow faster than your revenue, we need to get our expenses under control so we can have the funds to fix the services and infrastructure people rely on every day.”

Mr Ayres said the Budget delivers 900 more teachers, 2475 more nurses and 550 police officers and a record infrastructure investment to address the building backlog left by Labor.

Spending on hospitals and health capital works over the next four years is $4.7 billion – 50 per cent higher than over the last four years.

“Locally, this Budget delivers $46.3 million this year for stage 3A of the Nepean Hospital redevelopment.

“Planning for the Nepean Hospital car park expansion is proceeding and $3.5 million will provide 39 more beds in 2012 following the commissioning of the new building works.

“Transport will improve with $102 million for more express train services and locally Penrith Station will receive $5 million towards the new commuter car park.

“The $40 million in the Park and Travel Safety Fund also means better safety for commuters through more CCTV cameras, lighting and help points at stations.”

Additional expenditure in the Penrith electorate includes:

– Nepean Performing Arts High School – new facility to be completed by 2014

– Cycleway and pathway for Victoria Bridge – $1 million allocated in 2011-12

– Victoria Bridge upgrade – $400,000 allocated in 2011-12

– New Aboriginal housing in Penrith – $800,000 allocated in 2011-12

“The Budget also includes a five-year $2 billion program for disability services, which is the largest funding commitment to disability services made in the nation’s history.

“Locally this means the Penrith electorate will receive $1.8 million in capital works funding to support those with a disability, including two new five-bed group homes, one six-bed villa and one three-bed villa for people with high support needs.

“The first NSW Liberals & Nationals’ Budget is a clear example that this government takes Western Sydney seriously. No longer are we the poor cousin to the eastern suburbs but front and centre in this government’s approach to Rebuilding New South Wales.\”


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