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New Police and Emergency Services Minister

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Stuart Ayres has been sworn in as Police and Emergency Services Minister at Government House this morning.

Mr Ayres is looking forward to adding Police and Emergency Services to his existing responsibilities as Minister for Sport and Recreation and Minister Assisting the Premier on Western Sydney.

“The NSW Police Force is doing a remarkable job,” Mr Ayres said.

“Police numbers are at record highs.  This Government has committed to boost the authorised strength of the NSW Police Force with 550 additional positions being brought online since December 2011.

“NSW Liberal & Nationals Government has introduced new powers for the police to crack down on gun crime.  In the past year, officers have taken over 10,000 guns, including over 700 handguns, off the street.

“The members of the NSW Police Force are some of the best in the country. They are on the front line, serving and protecting our community every day and I look forward to working alongside them.”

Mr Ayres is also pleased to be working with Emergency Services.

“Those who serve in Fire and Rescue NSW, as well as NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW State Emergency Service and other volunteer agencies are some of the most respected members of our community. 

“I’d like to particularly acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our emergency service agencies during last October’s bushfires in the Blue Mountains.

“We’ll continue to ensure the NSW Police Force and Emergency Service agencies have the powers and the resources they need to keep the state of NSW safe,” Mr Ayres concluded.


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