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New online tool to combat rising power costs

The NSW Government is launching a new ‘one-stop-shop’ website with information and tips on reducing household and business power bills, Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres said today.

Mr Ayres met with Penrith resident Fran Gatenby to explore the website and discuss the various options available to electricity users to keep downward pressure on their electricity bills.

\”Balancing a hectic work and family life leavesdoesn’t leave me with much time to properly research how much we’re paying in electricity bills, this website will allow me to access that information on my own terms without having to spend time on-hold or the face-to-face pressure of having to deal with people arriving on my doorstop asking me to change provider.\” Mrs Gatenby said.

The website – – will support households and businesses looking to save money with provides information on how to reduce energy consumption and access low income energy rebates.

“As a Member of Parliament in Western Sydney, I am acutely aware of the impact rising electricity bills have had on household budgets and how turning the heater on consumes more of our pay packets every year.\” Mr Ayres said.

\”In order to help stem these rising costs local families need to become more aware of how tochoose the energy deals that meet their needs as well as information on financial support to those experiencing hardship.

“We are doing everything we can to reduce the impact of price rises and prevent massive increases in the future. This website is a valuable resource for helping households and businesses manage rising energy costs,” MrAyres said.

Energy Minister Chris Hartcher said he would work collaboratively with electricity retailers to inform customers about assistance measures and build awareness about the cost contributors to electricity bill increases including funding of Commonwealth and former State government green energy schemes.

“The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal recently determined that the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Target was a key driver of power price rises.

“It is only fair that electricity customers know exactly where their money is going, especially as the Federal Government expects NSW households to bear the costs of unsustainable and costly green schemes.

“We recognise the burden increasing energy bills are placing on households and will continue working to prevent increases in the future,” Mr Hartcher said.



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