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New Flood Risk Information Available for Hawkesbury Nepean Valley

New flood risk information is now available for Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley residents following the release of first regional flood study for the area in more than 20 years.


Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayres said providing the community with this information is a vital step in reducing flood risk for the people who live and work in the Valley.


“The Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley has the highest flood exposure in NSW, if not Australia,” Minister Ayres said. “We know the risk to life in a flood emergency increases if people aren’t aware of, or don’t understand their flood risk, so good quality information is essential. 


“Since the last regional flood studies were done over 20 years ago there have been significant improvements in the science of flood modelling, increased understanding about climate change, and changes within the valley.”


Minister Ayres said the new Regional Flood Study has been developed by leading flood experts using the most current data and contemporary modelling techniques.


“Close to 20,000 possible flood events were modelled, which represents the range of floods that could be experienced over a 200,000 year period.”


“It contains updated information about riverine flood risk in the Valley, and includes new regional maps that show flood extent, depth and likelihood of river flooding.”


The new Regional Flood Study has been provided to floodplain councils, the Insurance Council of Australia and utilities to ensure they have the most up to date information. It is also underpinning regional land use and evacuation roads master planning.


“The purpose of this Study is to ensure the people of the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley are as prepared as possible for flood risks and know what to do in the event of flooding,” said Minister Ayres.


The new Flood Study has been welcomed by the NSW SES Commissioner Kyle Stewart.  “This new information and mapping will support our emergency and evacuation planning for the valley” he said. “It will also provide important information to the community to help them understand their risk, what they should do and how they can prepare for a flood.” 


$58 million from the Climate Change Fund has been allocated to Phase One (2016-2020) of the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Flood Strategy.


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