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New awning announced for Brothers Penrith Junior Rugby League Club

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres today congratulated the Brothers Penrith Junior Rugby League Club on securing funding under the Community Partnerships Program.

\”I really appreciate the effort Stuart Ayres has gone to in visiting our facility to meet with the committee and get a genuine understanding of what’s required by our club. It became clear that Stuart’s hands-on approach was critical in our grant being successful.\” Vince Lebreton, President of the Brothers Penrith Junior Rugby League Club said today.

\”It’s a privilege to have been able to secure funding to support the Brothers Junior Rugby Club in building additional sports ground infrastructure its work with young kids, the future of our community,” Mr Ayres said.

The Community Building Partnerships Program, run annually, gives funding to local not for profit groups who are in need of infrastructure. Each application is evaluated by the local Member for Parliament on its contribution to community life and by government experts who evaluate the economic benefits.

”One of the great things about this program is that it enables the local member of Parliament to engage directly with local community organizations who form the backbone of Penrith and the lower mountains,” Mr Ayres said.

”I spoke to representatives from each group, I got meet the volunteers who are giving so much through their dedication, and I saw the need in the community for each applicant’s work. It was a fantastic experience.”

\”The Brothers Penrith Junior Rugby League Club has already done a lot to make sport more accessible for the kids of the area.

\”With help and support from their volunteers and well-wishers in the community, the club has already built a new international field, fenced the ground, and upgraded the canteen.

\”The addition of the awning will make their grounds more accessible to elderly family members of the young players, or to other fans and family with disability. It will also provide a storage place for their tractor-type mower, saving the Council and the ratepayers the cost of field maintenance.

Mr Ayres said he was very pleased that his recommendation for funding had been approved.

”This is one of the best bits of my job. Achieving real change for Penrith and the lower mountains.”


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